Milton M. Hill Quality Award

Milton Hill AwardMerchants has received this award 12 times in recent years, including the last few years. Criteria to receive the award includes: earning the Hauling Excellence Award, outstanding performance ratings in customer satisfaction, estimating acuity, claims, safety, and warehouse operations. This award is the ultimate mark of distinction for Atlas Agents; those who earn it truly rank among “the best of the best.”

Hauling Excellence Award

Hauling Excellence AwardMerchants most recently has been awarded the Hauling Excellence award in the last 16 years. The Atlas Hauling Excellence Award recognizes agents who: handle a significant amount of household goods volume, maintain excellence in their operations, and receive at least 90 percent favorable response when customers are asked if they would again choose the agency’s service.

Superior Packing Award

Superior AwardThe Superior Packing Award recognizes agents whose care for customers’ belongings is evident in an exceptionally low incidence of claims.

Sales Achievement Award

Sales Achievement AwardThe Sales Achievement Award is presented to those agents who have long haul sales in excess of $2,000,000. Sales revenues for Atlas Van Lines and its forwarders are included in this category. Merchants has won this award many times, every year since 1997.

Atlas Van Lines Superior Warehouse Rating

Superior Warehouse AwardInformation compiled based on the completion of a physical warehouse inspection. Digital photos are taken; an inspection form completed and the information is reviewed by members of the Quality Focus Group to determine rating.

Merchants received a perfect score of 5 out of 5 rating.

Excellence in Boise Award

Building Excellence in Boise

Presented by the City of Boise for Excellence in Fire/Life safety upgrades to an existing building.

Small Business Admin AwardU.S. Small Business Administration Award

Region 10 (Pacific Northwest) for the year 2011.
Jeffrey Butland Family – Owned Business of the Year

Better Business AwardBetter Business Bureau
Integrity Counts! Award 2011

Idaho Treasure Valley