Moving? It's Time to Declutter

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It's moving time! There is bound to be a mixture of excitement, stress, and nostalgia when you are moving out of a long time home. As you start to pack up your belongings, though, you may want to take a pause; decluttering before moving makes a move easier and unpacking more fun. If you can get rid of what you don't need, don't use, or no longer want before you box it up and subsequently have to unpack it and find a new corner for it to live in, packing will be easier. You will feel better, and unpacking will consist only of your favorite and most useful things.

Moving in? Here are some Safety Tips

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It is move-in day! There is nothing quite like moving into a new house or apartment, choosing where each piece of furniture will go, where each little knick knack will live. It is a time of celebration (although stressful at times) and you are likely to enjoy your new home immensely. With so much to be excited about, it is more than easy to get caught up and forget about some of the safety precautions that will help your move-in go smoothly.

Taking the Stress out of Your Holiday Move

Boise moving companies

The holidays are stressful when you aren't moving, but an inconvenient move around the holidays can send you over the edge. Unless you are prepared for it and plan accordingly, that is. Your holiday move doesn't have to go down in family history as the year of no Thanksgiving, or other holiday tradition your family has. Commit to these tips, and you will find your move with a reputable Boise moving company will go perfectly.

Protect Your Business from these Common Moving Headaches

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Moving your office is a big undertaking and, as with all large projects, there are many moving pieces, and one of them is just begging to break. That break can cause some headaches for your business if they aren't planned for so you can have a backup plan if (or when?) Murphy's law will strike.

3 Moving Services You Don't Want to Ignore

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It is important to make sure you know what to expect when you are moving. Whether your move is residential or commercial, the stresses can pile up almost as quickly as the costs. Costs which, if you didn't do your due diligence in planning your move, may seem like hidden fees or unnecessary charges that some moving company is tacking on to line their pockets. Make sure you talk with your local Boise moving representative about these extra services and how they can benefit your move.

3 Important Moves We Can Help With

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When we think of moving companies, we usually imagine the typical image of a suburban family moving states and an independent company handling the worst components of the move. This is a crucial characterization that is very useful because it is a reality that a moving company can help your family's move go infinitely smoother. The moving company can step in and do everything from packing to loading and unloading, but did you know that Merchants Moving can do more than just residential moves?

Tips to Make Downsizing Before a Move Painless

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As you pack for your big move, you're probably coming to a conclusion that many other Americans have: clutter is everywhere. Surveys have shown that many Americans feel that their homes are at least somewhat cluttered if not "very" cluttered. When you're living in the same home, unnecessary items may not bother you. But as you begin to pack up, you realize quickly that there's no reason to haul your fourth-grade math homework or 15 rolls of scotch tape to your new destination.

Help Your Child Transition to a New School

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Moving your family to a new town isn't easy, and it can be even harder on kids who feel connected to their current school. That's why many families facing a relocation choose to move during the summer, allowing their children time to end a year in one city and begin the next at a new school. But that doesn't mean that the transition will be all smooth sailing.

How to Make Downsizing Painless

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The big move is coming up, but maybe the only thing that isn't big is the new place you'll be living. Are you planning a move to a smaller home or apartment than you're used to? Maybe you've decided you just don't need as much space, or you're moving in with a partner or roommate, but whatever the reason, downsizing is now on your radar. Here are a few ways to making downsizing as painless as possible.

How to Pack Important Documents

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Moving can be stressful, but most people think about the heavy lifting first. There are a few things in your home. However, that won't require more than one person to lift but can be difficult to move securely. These items are your important documents, and they shouldn't be overlooked in your moving process.

Moving With Important Documents

It's vital that you hire professional movers to help you with the entire moving process, from large items and furniture to securely transporting your most crucial documents.


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