Staying Calm During a Move

Whether you moving just down the street, cross town, different state or internationally you know that there will be some amount of unavoidable stress. The most important thing you can do during a move is maintaining your composure and staying calm. Follow these three tips and you will be on your way to staying calm:  

  • Allow for plenty of time
  • Get a lot of the packing done before movers arrive
  • Leave coffee supplies for the end!

If you start to feel stressed and anxious, take a deep breath, take five and grab some coffee. Keep telling yourself that in just a short time you and all your things will be moved safely to a new place. The million things running through your head will not matter in the long run. Take as much time as needed to say goodbye to your old home. Also take one last photo with you in front of your home before leaving.

Keep your children out of the mover’s way. You don’t want to hold up the movers while they try to work around the children, this will not only cost you more money, but will start to stress you out. Assigning your kids tasks will keep them busy and keep them away from the moving process.

Make sure that all boxes are labeled in advance; this will help you when you get to your new place. The movers will also be able to place the boxes in the proper room if labeled correctly. You will be exhausted when you get to your new home and this will allow you to find things quickly.

Put together a separate box for things you’ll need the night of and the morning after your move. This way you only have to open one box the first evening. Things to consider would be:  

  • Change of clothes for each member of the family
  • Toiletries
  • Towels, blankets and pillows
  • Favorite toy/item for each of the kids

Contact Merchants Moving & Storage Inc. you will be guaranteed a stress-free and calm environment.