3 Tips for Remote Workers Planning a Move

working from a new location

The remote workforce is growing in the United States and across the globe. Employees report better job satisfaction, improved productivity, and a more flexible lifestyle as their top reasons for choosing to work remotely.

Another reason why remote working is so popular is the ability to move to a different location without needing to change employment. Even with the flexibility of remote work, however, there are a few things to consider before making a move.

1. Make Sure Your Employer Knows About Your Moving Plans

Many remote careers aren't contingent on location, but you'll want to double check with your employer before moving away from the Boise area. Some companies prefer remote employees to attend meetings or company events. Even if you're sure nothing is standing in the way of your move, your employer will appreciate a heads-up about your plans.

2. Check Your New Location for Internet and Cell Phone Service

There are areas of the United States where internet and cell phone service are unavailable or unreliable. If your job depends on either one, you'll want to make sure a potential new location—even if you're moving across town—can provide the service you require. Even if the area has good service, you'll want to check phone signal strength and internet service for the home or apartment you're considering.

3. Consider Your New Home's Suitability for Remote Work

Do you need an office or a quiet space to concentrate? When touring potential homes or apartments, consider your job requirements. An experienced realtor or property manager can help you find a location that meets all of the conditions necessary for you to work successfully from your new home.

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