3 Tips for a Successful House-Hunting Experience

family moving into a new house

Buying or renting a new home can be an exciting process, especially when you've done some careful planning. Planning helps to avoid common pitfalls and disappointments that could undermine your efforts.

Here are three tips that could make your move a lot more successful and enjoyable.

1. Find Out What You Can Afford

Contact your lender well in advance of your move to go through a mortgage pre-approval process. If you're planning to rent, gather contact information of previous landlords, employers, and references. In both cases, you'll improve your chance of securing the property you like and also avoid the disappoint of falling in love with a property you're unable to purchase or lease.

2. Make a List and Respond Accordingly

Make a list of features that are important to you and your family. Include red flags that will eliminate specific properties, like signs of mold or maintenance issues. If a busy street is out of the question for your family, be sure to inform your real estate agent so they can eliminate these properties for you. By preparing a list in advance of your home-hunting journey, you'll have the freedom to act decisively when you find something that fits your parameters. Apps are readily available and can help streamline your search. In a fast-moving real estate market like Boise, you may need to act quickly to avoid missing an opportunity.

3. Contact a Reputable Boise Moving Company

When you've found the right home across town or across the country, moving is the next consideration. A reputable Boise moving company with industry backing and experience can help you get settled in your new home with a minimum of stress.

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