Careful Planning Makes for Stress-Free Moving

stress-free woman moving

Whether you're relocating across town or to a different area of the country, stress-free moving begins with planning. Packing, scheduling with a Boise moving company, and making last-minute arrangements ahead of time can all make your move more enjoyable.

Stress-Free Moving Tips to Make the Most of Your Time

Relocating can be exciting, and the more organized you are ahead of the big day, the more you can enjoy the process.

Packing Up

From the web to your grandma, there's plenty of advice to go around when it comes to the right way to pack. Some people recommend color-coding your belongs and using a notebook or app to keep track of what's in each box. No matter what packing method you choose, you'll want everything clearly labeled in a way that makes sense to you. For an even easier solution, let our Boise moving company pack, move, or store your belongings for you! Our experience and access to professional products and equipment can take the hassles out of your entire moving experience!

Schedule Early for the Best Experience

As soon as you have a move date, contact our Boise moving company to secure your spot on the schedule. The earlier you get on our service schedule, the better chance you'll have of obtaining a date that works for you, especially during peak months. Some people recommend scheduling your move for a Thursday to give yourself an entire weekend to unpack and settle in at your new location.

At Merchants Moving and Storage, we can handle local and long distance moves for both private and corporate needs. As your experienced, local moving company, we have a wide variety of services to offer that can make your next move as stress-free as possible. Contact us today!

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