Decluttering Your Office Before a Business Relocation

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Packing up your things is never an exciting task and moving your office requires even more thought. Depending on your industry, you are not only dealing with pens and paperclips but documents that may contain sensitive data. Before the boxes come out and the movers arrive, you should take the time to organize and declutter your office so your transition can be as painless as possible.

To-Do List Before You Move

Your Calendar - You don’t want to forget any important dates in the chaos of a move. A month before the scheduled move, sit down and plan out the following two months and write down important dates. Planning out your calendar will save you from worrying that you’ve forgotten anything while deciding where the office furniture should go.

Protect Your Data - Backup critical information to your hard drive and a cloud storage system. Protecting your data is a proactive step in case of damage to a computer or other sensitive equipment.

Supply Ordering - Take note of your supply levels. Try to time your order so that they arrive as you settle into your new office. You don’t want to move an additional amount of toner, envelopes, and post-its if you don't have to.

Organize Files - Make sure all files are up to date and organized. Last minute shoving of documents into boxes can create a headache when you are searching for them as you unpack.

What to Do When It’s Time to Move

Now that moving day has come, you will find yourself conveniently pared down and ready to go. To remain in good shape throughout your move continue to work methodically. For example use bags to store IT equipment with cords that belong together remaining together. A label system will also help you as well as movers know what furniture and boxes go where.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of an office move, just prepare! If you are looking for a company in Boise with all the necessary tools to move you quickly and efficiently contact Merchants Moving & Storage, Inc. today!

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