Finding Trustworthy Storage for Your Household Goods

self storage, household goods

Self-storage is a popular option for storing household goods during a move or as a temporary solution during home renovation and other projects. However, there are other viable options! Here's what you should take into consideration when choosing a storage solution for your valuable household goods.

Is the Location Secure?

Storing your household goods in a storage facility means you're trusting someone else to guard your possessions. Don't hesitate to ask about security protocols and take a look around yourself if possible. Look for multiple layers of theft protection that create a barrier between the public and the storage facility.

Is the Facility Temperature Controlled?

Fluctuating temperatures can damage your household goods. In a temperature-controlled environment, you won't need to worry that items like furnishings, important documents, or family photographs will be affected by extreme heat, cold, or moisture.

Is the Facility Protected from Flooding?

Household goods can't stand up to flood waters. Even if there are no rivers, streams, or ponds nearby, heavy rain or irrigation can quickly flood paved areas and send water cascading into a building. Even a small amount of standing water can trigger the growth of mold and mildew, which could quickly ruin your stored household goods. Find out if flooding has ever been an issue near the storage area, and what was done to correct the problem.

Do You Need a Short or Long-Term Storage Solution?

Not every situation requires a long-term storage solution. Storage vaults can be delivered to your location to provide secure, affordable storage with a minimum amount of headaches for you and your family.

At Merchants Moving and Storage, we take the care and storage of your family's household goods very seriously! To learn more about our available storage options, contact us today!

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