Great Tips to Remember when Moving

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Let’s face it: nobody really likes moving. We’re not talking about actually going to a new and exciting place; we’re talking about he physical act of packing up everything you own, loading it into a truck, and then unloading it at your new destination. Unfortunately, this needs to be taken care of before you can thoroughly enjoy your new destination. Enter Merchant’s Moving and Storage, your one-stop-shop experts for anything to do with moving. With our help, you’ll be unpacked and relaxed in your new house in no time.

While we certainly can handle all aspects of moving, we do realize that some folks really like to take the matter into their own hands. For them, we have compiled a great list of tips and tricks they can use while enduring the moving process to make it easier. It will serve to make the move easier and get the family on-track and to their destination sooner. It can also serve well in all aspects of moving, no matter what time of year or how far the destination.

Some great moving tips include:

  • Label your Boxes- While actually labeling your boxes with what is in them is kind of a no brainer, remember to label where they’ll be going as well. This will let you know exactly where they’re going saving you the time of having to move them again. This also keeps things organized as you pack the truck for the move.
  • Watch your Small Items- It’s always a good idea to pack your small items like screws to furniture or jewelry in small plastic bags that can be kept in one centralized location. This ensures that it doesn’t get lost as well as keeps things organized. The last thing you need to do at your new place is to search high and low of the screws to the bedroom dresser.
  • Don’t Forget to Change your Address- A lot of people get caught up in the move itself and forget about this step. The US Post Office recommends that you do this about 2 weeks in advance so that everything is processed correctly. This will ensure that you’re getting your mail at your new place and that your bills don’t end up at your old house.

Moving can definitely be a pain, but if done correctly, it’s not as bad as you think. Employ the help of professionals whenever possible to make it really easy!

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