Moving and Unexpected Weather

Everyone hopes for great weather and light moving boxes but that is not always the situation. If you find yourself moving or helping someone move during bad weather there are some things you can do to make the process less stressful.

There are some simple things you should keep in mind no matter the weather situation:

Keep track of the weather
If you can, plan around bad weather. Moving companies understand sometimes it can be unexpected. If bad weather comes up keep in touch with your moving company. Let them know if any plans have changed.

Have an Environmentally Friendly Move

Are you moving soon? Are you concerned about taking care of our environment?

Well, we have some tips for you!

These tips will show you how to make a move while being environmentally friendly at the same time!

Follow this Cleaning List to Get Your Rental Deposit Back

get your money back

If you are moving out of an apartment or a rental home then I am sure you are aware of all of the cleaning that lies ahead of you before your move.

If you expect to get a good portion of your deposit back then you need to make sure you conduct a proper deep clean before leaving.

A proper deep clean consists of cleaning every single room in the house including closets, pantries, walls, and ceilings. Here is a list to follow in order to clean your rental:

Hire the Right Movers

Hiring a company to assist you with your move is smart. But what many people don’t realize is that hiring a moving company is similar to a manager at a business hiring a new employee.

Most managers don’t just pick up the first application on their desk and welcome that person as an employee.

They read through a few applications, call a couple references and from their make a decision on who to call in for an interview.

Moving on a Budget

Calling all college students!

Moving is part of the college experience. It happens often. Maybe from your parents to a dorm, a dorm to an apartment or if you are lucky an apartment to a house. No matter where you are moving you are probably doing it on a budget.

There are too many cool things you could be spending your money on in college such as books, backpacks, and campus parking permits so when it comes to moving you need to save a dime.

Guide to Finding a Moving Company

Moving day is always a difficult day. The entire process of moving is stressful on anyone.

There are ways to ease stress and lighten the workload. You can do this by hiring a moving company. This can drastically help your moving process. You may think…well, now I have the stress of finding a moving company that I trust.

Here is a guide to help you find a moving company that you can trust.

Make Moving a Simple Process

Quality Moving

Moving into a new home can be a long and vigorous especially if you are not properly prepared. While you are moving you might be stuck with the decision of moving some of your items to storage due to lack of space or many other reasons. You need to be extra prepared to pack your items to go to multiple locations.

The packing, unpacking, loading, driving and other stresses can weigh you down. The best way to stay prepared is with an inventory list.

Go through your house with a notepad and pen and start making note of your items. Not necessarily individual items.

Moving Into Third Story Housing

Boise Movers

Moving day can be a stressful time and strenuous on your body especially if you’re moving into a second, third or fourth story apartment or condo.

Lifting and moving boxes is tiring and adding the flights of stairs just makes it worse. If you have decided to move on your own then you will need to gather as many friends and family members as you can so that no one pushes themselves too hard.

Merchants Moving is BBB Accredited

 If you are in the process of moving and are looking for a moving company to help make your move a bit easier than you should make sure you choose a moving company that has the Better Business Bureau stamp of approval and a high rating.

When asked whom they would contact if they had a problem with a major purchase, 40 percent of Americans said the BBB. More Americans are familiar with the BBB, a private nonprofit organization, than with the government regulatory agencies the Federal Trade Commission.

Roommate Tips

Boise Moving Companies

Roommates: can’t live with em’, can’t pay rent without em’.

There are many benefits to having a roommate such as lower housing costs, safety if something bad were to occur and entertainment when you are bored. But there are also down falls to have roommates and like with any other relationship there are issues.

So it’s best to figure a few things out before bunking with a roomy.

1. Make sure your potential roommate has a job and can afford your housing.

2. See if they have pets. You don’t want to sign a lease then find out they have a 30 foot snake.


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