Moving During the Winter

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Planning on moving in a few months? I’m sure you’ve thought about the cold weather and how that will affect the dynamic of your move.

No worries, the winter might make things more difficult but there are ways to ease the pain.

• First you should make sure all the utilities are turned on in your new place. You don’t want to show up to a freezing house with no running water or lights.

Moving With Pets

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Moving can be a stressful time for everybody involved in the process even for your pets. You may not realize it but pets panic when things start changing. You need to make sure you keep your pet happy and safe during this time.

There are certain things you need to do if you are moving and you have a pet.

First you need to make sure the place you are moving has a pet friendly policy so you aren’t stuck with no home for little Daisy.

The Stress of Moving In with Your Significant Other

First comes love, then comes marriage then comes baby in a baby carriage…well, not always. Sometimes after love comes moving in together.

This is a new and exciting time in your relationship and everything seems great while you’re looking for a cute apartment and picking out a shower curtain. But many people realize that it’s not all fun and games.

How To Move When You Have Children

The big day is here! You know, we were all young once too. And we can remember the day our parents decided to move us, a family of six, one hot summer like it was yesterday. Four children all under 7 years old, clamoring and clobbering on furniture and jumping in the way of the adults carrying a couch that was possibly older than Grandpa. Maybe we tried to help in the moving progress, maybe we decided to have a water balloon fight instead. But either way, the job had to get done and it eventually got done!

Life Hack: Tips For The Easiest Move Ever (PRINT ME!)

  • Pack an overnight bag with your most immediate needs. Think of it in terms of being stranded on a deserted island. Your empty residence is the island, that bag is your survival. Each person needs their own tote or backpack-sized survival kit. Change of clothes, toiletries, laptop, any prescription medication or snacks needed.
  • Pack the second (bulkier) needs in a clear plastic container. Bed sheets, disposable paper and plastic ware for the kitchen, shower curtain liner, cleaning products, paper towels, tools, etc.

Moving Internationally Is A Piece Of Cake

So you’re moving to another country! How exciting! A new language, new food and sights, new everything. But wait- how are you going to get all of your beloved belongings from Idaho to Oslo? Who, to call, when to ship everything, what on earth would something like that cost, and are you going to be able to realistically do it?

How Do I Move With No Job or Money?

Many people would prefer to move when they have an occupation waiting for them in the new city they are moving too. However, for a variety of reasons you just might have to re locate without having a job. First of all it’s not very convenient to move to a new location without having a job because you don’t know how long it will be before you find a new job and secondly because you need to have the security of money before you move. Moving without money or a job is stressful, but with the right amount of planning it can be managed.

Making Moving Fun

Many people get extremely bored with the moving process, everything from organizing the removals, the long hours of sorting, packaging and figuring out the priority items that need to be removed first. Yes, it does get tedious and boring but there are processes to keep the boredom at bay. Here are a few ways to help you with that:

Green Moving

Moving is stressful just in itself, but even worse it can be quite harmful to the environment. In moving to a new location you may think that you have so much stuff to worry about and whether or not it’s harmful to the environment is your last worry. However, you are sorely mistaken; there are many ways to move green. Here are a few tips that will help you have an eco-friendly moving process that will be less costly and a lot easier:

Knowing How Many Boxes You’ll Need When You Move

When you are planning to move start with a checklist of items you need to pack up and then start packaging up the small items and store them in a safe place. Once moving day approaches, start packing up the bigger items, this will in return reduce the hassle of moving. So how do you estimate the amount of boxes you will need for moving day?


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