How to Make Downsizing Painless

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The big move is coming up, but maybe the only thing that isn't big is the new place you'll be living. Are you planning a move to a smaller home or apartment than you're used to? Maybe you've decided you just don't need as much space, or you're moving in with a partner or roommate, but whatever the reason, downsizing is now on your radar. Here are a few ways to making downsizing as painless as possible.

How to Pack Important Documents

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Moving can be stressful, but most people think about the heavy lifting first. There are a few things in your home. However, that won't require more than one person to lift but can be difficult to move securely. These items are your important documents, and they shouldn't be overlooked in your moving process.

Moving With Important Documents

It's vital that you hire professional movers to help you with the entire moving process, from large items and furniture to securely transporting your most crucial documents.

3 Tips to Help You Settle Into a New Office

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Settling into a new office after a corporate relocation can be daunting. Whether you're relocating from or to Boise, a move can upset your daily work routine and make life that much more complicated. The first week or so is a crucial time of getting to know your new space, introducing yourself to co-workers, and settling in. Here are our tips for making the transition smoother.

4 Steps to Make an International Employee Relocation Smooth

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With the proliferation of the internet and other communication technologies, it has become more common for companies to have a global reach with offices around the world. This kind of global economy has strengthened opportunities for many businesses, and data shows that many companies relocate employees every year to foreign countries.

Is your business planning to relocate a Boise employee to a foreign country soon? There are a few steps you can take to make this transition easier on everyone. Here are our tips.

How to Move Your Weirdest Belongings

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A successful move requires many things to go just right, but where most of us feel the most stressed and anxious is in packing things perfectly. Even in a best case scenario, where everything is orderly and easy to put into cardboard boxes, there is worry involved--but that's nothing compared to the stress of packing something unusual. What are you going to do with your aquarium? What about the chandelier? Don't worry; just relax, take a deep breath, and let our expert movers provide some out-of-the-box advice (no pun intended).

Quality Moving: When to Hire Experts

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There are certain things in life that we just can't do alone. A house couldn't be built by just one person. A big company couldn't run with just one employee. A film could not be made with just a director--unless, of course, the director could play every character, film every shot, and play every instrument in an entire orchestra for the soundtrack. There are plenty of things in life that we just can't do alone, and moving is certainly one of them.

Ask Boise Moving Companies: Apartment Moving

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Living in an apartment is a lot different than living anywhere else. Almost every aspect of living itself is somehow altered by being in an apartment. Take, for example, organization. Organizing things in a house is often straightforward; there are numerous rooms, each set aside for its own specific purpose and use, and organization is usually as simple as deciding which objects belong in which specific area. However, in an apartment, things are different: you have less space to work with and less definition of the space you do have.

Ask Boise Movers: Unpacking Tips

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We have long-since agreed that moving is a stressful undertaking. In fact, we've agreed so thoroughly that moving is now widely considered to be one of the most stressful things one can do in life. However, what we are still not sure about is which part of moving is the most challenging. Is it the packing process? The home-buying and home-selling process? The cross-town, cross-country, cross-world travel to get from your old life to your new life? It's hard to pinpoint exactly which part is most stressful, simply because each new part seems the most stressful.

How to Move with Kids

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Kids and adventures go hand-in-hand. It is an uncommon relationship, though--what a child considers to be an adventure is very different from what an adult considers to be an adventure. Why? Well, the truth is, everything is still new to kids, so discovering all that the world has to offer--even if that means going to a new park or eating at a fun restaurant--is a true adventure. This puts children in a unique position when it comes to big life events. Things that adults consider to be big adventures are, if possible, even bigger to the kids. Take moving, for example.

How to Move Successfully with a Quality Moving Company

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In a lot of ways, moving is kind of like baking. You have to have all the right ingredients lined up before you even begin; you wouldn't want to use the wrong kind of tape, or hire the wrong movers, or the entire recipe will fail. Next, you have to have a well-organized to-do list, because in both baking and moving, having a strong plan is crucial to success. Skipping one step or doing two tasks in the wrong order could cause chaos. Finally, you need patience, trust, and a little bit of help.


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