Tips for Streamlining Your Unpacking Process

couple unpacking boxes after a move

Whether you're moving to a different city for a new job or just moving across town to a new apartment or house, the thought of a new location opens up endless opportunities.

Before your moving day gets too close, you'll want to start thinking about the packing process. While you may have contacted a Boise moving company for packing and delivery of your furnishings and possessions, the days leading up to your move are also a good time to plan for the unpacking process. By taking time now for a moving-in strategy, you'll save yourself a lot of stress later. Here's some helpful advice to streamline the entire process.

  1. Getting rid of excess goods — Moving is a big job. Even if a Boise moving company is handling the heavy lifting, you'll still want to go through your things well in advance of moving day. Plan to go through one room at a time, setting aside items you don't want and selling them online, at a yard sale, or donating them to charity. Getting rid of unwanted items before your move makes the move-in process a lot easier.
  2. Decide what you'll need first — There's nothing worse than arriving at your new home only to have no idea which box holds your pillows and bed sheets. A professional Boise moving company will have everything clearly marked, but you can help make things easier for yourself by designating essential items with an "open this first" priority status.
  3. Home sweet home — Choose some items that say "home" to you and your family to open first. They may be family photos, a special throw for the living room, or a scented candle that reminds everyone of special times together.

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