Utilizing a Household Storage Service

household storage services

When you are in-between places to live sometimes, you have to store items with a storage service. Preparing for this situation will make it simple and stress-free.

Packing Materials

The first thing to gather when moving items into storage is your packing materials. The standard list includes boxes, packing tape, and sharpies. An extended list can consist of moving blankets, pads, and various tools for disassembling large items. Stackable boxes are ideal as you will strategically be packing things into your storage unit and you don’t want to have boxes collapse on themselves. There are special dish pack boxes for fragile items. You would also benefit from collecting newspapers to wrap glassware in. Optional things you might want to gather are a mattress cover, towels, and shrink wrap.

Strategies for Packing

The basic rules of packing start with bulky items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. You can also double a chest of drawers as a storage container. You should use up all the space you have possible. When it comes to moving appliances in, make sure they are cleaned out and wiped down. No one wants to return to a moldy refrigerator.

If you don’t plan on putting things into storage, you’ll end up with an unsolvable puzzle. Start with large items in the back unless it’s something you’ll want to access without sifting through everything. Couches can be placed vertically on their ends to safe space and chairs stacked upon each other. Carefully label fragile items, so you don’t forget which boxes they’re in. Protect mirrors and artwork with blankets between them to cushion the glass.

All you need to utilize household storage services are the proper materials and a plan of how to put items into the unit. If you’re getting ready for a move and need professionals to help you with a move or you are in need of household storage options, contact us today!

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