What to Know About Moving Office Furniture

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Congratulations! You’re moving to a new office, which is pretty exciting. Sure, it’s kind of a pain, but a change of scenery is often nice. Whether you’re downsizing or upsizing, moving your office furniture can be a bit tricky, but we’re here to help with that. Here’s what you should know before you plan your move.

Hiring Professionals

It’s really a good idea to hire professionals to do the heavy lifting rather than trying to coordinate your employees to do it. That method can be frustrating and costly if someone gets injured.

Bringing in a professional moving company takes a lot of the burden off of you, and movers have the equipment needed to make a move happen smoothly and quickly. You would have to rent several dollies, panel cars, computer carts, and more to be able to handle all the items as easily as movers – not to mention you’re missing out on the expertise!

Getting Prepped

As you prepare for moving day, it’s smart to focus on how you’ll deal with expensive electronics safely. For example, packing computers, screens, and other electronics in their original packaging is best. If those boxes aren’t available, pack them in smaller boxes by themselves and wrapped in bubble wrap.

Books can be tricky to pack because people tend to overpack books. Put them in a strong box and don’t pack it too full. Coordinate paperwork packing to help make unpacking easier.


If you’re planning to put items into storage, be sure to plan out how you’ll organize the storage unit. Put heavy items farther back and on the bottom, and be sure to put anything you’ll need soon in an easy to reach location.

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