Ryan & Ebony P.


This was a very good experience. The guys who came to pick up my items were very hard working, quick, and very pleasant. I appreciate that they were wearing clothing but hat showed they worked for Atlas. They packed things with care and truly used their time in my home effectively. I especially appreciate the two men who brought our things to our new residence. I believe it was Shane and Matt. They were over the top helpful and willing to put things exactly where I needed them. They even took apart and rebuilt my baby’s crib so it would fit in through her bedroom door. They kept asking me if there was anything else they could help me with and pointed me in the direction of some great local places to check out in my new surroundings. A leg of a table that was packed was broken in transit and they were more than willing to help me report it so it could be compensated. We were able to fix the table ourselves, but Matt went above and beyond with the situation. They were both kind and friendly and made me feel comfortable with two strangers being in my home while my baby slept. I truly think this was the perfect experience in working with a moving company as I have used other companies in the past that did not turn out nearly as well as this one did. I would definitely use this service again. Thank you Atlas.