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Good Morning Melanie & Ron

I have not filled out the survey for you guys, and probably will not, but I wanted to take a few minutes to tell what an awesome job Gene and Jessica did taking care of us on this move. We have relocated before and as I am sure you guys are aware relocations are stressful, this was especially stressful for my wife who was coordinating things by herself for a big part of this. Gene and Jessica treated her like family, and made her feel very comfortable not only with the process, but also with them.

I was there for the load and unload, Gene told me he would be there by 8:00, he arrived at 7:30, and was ready to work by 7:45, both Gene and Jessica were very organized and very professional.  He organized the crew, and got things moving the entire house was loaded and the truck was gone by 3:00PM.  On unload day once again Gene arrived at 7:30 and was ready to work at 7:45 they had everything unloaded and re-assembled by 1:30 PM.

You have two great assets in Gene and Jessica, they did an awesome job, both Amanda and I were very pleased with everything they did, and we would be delighted to use them again. They represented your company with professionalism and passion, if you are not already you should be very proud of them.



Jim Miller

We had a great move with yall. The movers were great! Nothing was broke!!!For the first time ever! We have been really happy. We will not need box pick up. But thank you for the offer.

You have a great team working for you.


Randy Kersten

Hello Ron,

I wanted to update you on our move. We were expertly taken care of in Rockford and in Boise. All of your staff and Atlas Van Lines folks as well were very careful with our household goods and furniture. They were professional and courteous. Melanie checked in with me on numerous occasions and Doug stopped by at our new home on the day of our move as well!

I can see why the good folks at our company highly recommended you to us. We are very happy that we chose you! Thank you very much for everything.




Vivek Kantayya

Vivek Kantayya

Adam was terrific to deal with and we enjoyed seeing that he was the one who picked up our stuff but also that he was the one who brought it to our new house. Jack Shmoll was great to deal with as well. He was the first person we dealt with in getting a quote. We have always done the do-it-yourself moves before but this was a large move in terms of size of house, and also distance. It made the move more convenient and easy. My husband is undergoing cancer treatment and we didn't want to stress him out by doing this move ourselves. We had a great experience with Merchants Moving & Storage.

Jacky & Gary Reed

Jacky Reed

Gene Jessica and Melanie were very easy to work with. All were responsive to our needs and questions. Gene and Jessica answered my questions explained how they were to proceed and provided progress updates.

Susan & Bryan Marczika

Excellent service on time flexible and reliable. Driver planned in advance so as to determine if street could accommodate truck ( it couldn't due to street width) and thereby was able to adjust so we could avoid that issue. Andrew & Deborah Vaughan

Andrew Vaughan

Communication with Merchants in Boise was consistent and good. Kent Thompson (driver) was excellent again. I would recommend him and Atlas through Merchants Moving and Storage to anyone. Nick Nachbar

Nick Nachbar

This is the first time I have used a moving company and would definitely recommend and use them again!

Travis Williams

This was our 3rd move in 7 years 7 moves overall. I was very impressed with the van operator Kent. He was the best operator we have worked with.

Rich & Vickie Morris

Gene and Jessica are true professionals who made the relocation much easier for my wife and me than I expected based on previous moves. The packing crew was very efficient and I greatly appreciate their ability to finish ahead of schedule. John & Tatyana Johnson


John & Tatyana Johnson